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That's It, Wilson! We will manage without you now!
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we're trying to make it all work without doctor Wilson.
That’s It, Doctor Wilson!

It’s a community for Wilson’s haters. Too.
But mostly it’s a community for people who really used to love like Wilson.

If you’re mad at Wilson about season’s 4 final. Or about the season 5. Or about the Tritter Arc. Or about the fact that he used to betray his wives. Or about the fact that he wore a reindeer hat. Or about the fact that in your favorite episode he wore brown shoes instead of black ones. Or about absolutely anything.

This community is for you!


Because this is a community in which we’re supposed to creatively get ride of our hatred and anger!

(All types of fanworks accepted.)

Affiliates: dark_wilson. The darker side of Dr Wilson, go on and enjoy it :)